Leblon Delienne & M. Chat

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Internationally renowned in Street Art, better known under the name of "Monsieur Chat", Thoma Vuille is a Franco-Swiss artist who started on the walls of Orleans' buildings.

Thoma Vuille particularly likes to practice his art on abandoned, deserted, poorly maintained and poorly colored sites.


He is the creator of the M. Chat graphic serie, a feline character recognizable by its characteristic yellow color and its big smile.

Created in an approach combining optimism, transgression and a proximity culture, his character has become an iconic figure of the street.


In 2021, Leblon Delienne presented BabyCat, an original creation of the workshop produced in collaboration with M. Chat and four-handed sculpted with the sculptor of the Norman workshop.

Edited in limited series, these new sculptures are intended for fans of M. Chat, as well as for street art and design lovers.


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