Sanding, the essential step for a perfect sculpture

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In our workshop in Normandy, a team of eight people is dedicated to sanding the parts. Considered as a key step in the production of sculptures, sanding is divided into two stages.


The piece, when it comes out of the casting, arrives to be polished and smoothed for the first time. Using sanding sheets, cutters, files and air-blowers, our team of sanders chooses the polishing grain according to the piece to be worked and dusts the inside of the sculpture. The asperities are then touched up. The craftsmen ensure that the joints of the piece are smoothed so that the sculpture maintains a uniform appearance. This homogeneity is the signature of Leblon Delienne, the stage is therefore meticulous and requires great precision.

The piece is then transferred to the paint department to be covered with a first coat of gray. This is referred to as a "prepared part".

The sculpture dries and returns to the sanding department for a second rotation between sanding and final painting. A stage of precision and patience that ensures the perfect preparation of the sculpture for the final stage of painting.

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