Protect yourself from counterfeiting

Our Leblon Delienne creations are subject to copies sold by counterfeiters, as are many internationally renowned brands. Unfortunately, we cannot get our hands on all these counterfeits.

Protect yourself and your loved ones by purchasing authenticated Leblon Delienne products only from our official dealers.

You can find a list of our Authorised Sales Points around the world by visiting this page : Find our Stores

Authentication of our creations

The Leblon Delienne sculpture workshop guarantees exceptional quality and care for our creations. Each collection piece is designed as a real work of art by our sculptors.

The craftsmanship of carving creates the rarity of some of these processes and equipment.

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Counterfeiting, illegal and dangerous

Possession of counterfeit goods, like selling, is a criminal offence. Sellers and holders of counterfeit goods can be punished for this.

Moreover, the manufacture of copies is not subject to any control, and therefore does not meet any standards to ensure product conformity. And counterfeit sites do not consistently guarantee buyer protection and secure payment processing.

As a result, these products are potentially dangerous to your health and safety.