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In the workshop of Neufchâtel-en-Bray, in Normandy, all the Leblon Delienne craftsmen perpetuate the manufacturing tradition to create unique sculptures.

An exceptional know-how carried by craftsmen - sculptor, molders, sanders, painters... - who have in common this desire for perfection. 


Unique pieces for some, limited series for others, stamped, numbered, all creations are the result of a precise work: the decomposition of the original model into different pieces, the creation of molds, the casting and the sanding of the different parts that are then painted layer by layer, color by color, then lacquered, varnished, in order to be assembled with care to be finally engraved and signed.


The process is meticulous and represents a great deal of patience, which requires rightness and precision from the craftsmen involved in the various stages of production.

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