Our dedicated team is at your disposal to assist and advise you in all your projects: from the selection of pieces from our collections, to the customization and creation of new shapes. Our studio in the workshop accompanies you in your bespoke projects.

Contact email : hello@leblon-delienne.com


Leblon Delienne pushes the boundaries of creativity by initiating unseen collaborations between international designers and artists with Pop Culture icons.


Furniture, decorative objects, tableware - Leblon Delienne's creativity is expressed through a unique style, characterized by curves and an infinite range of colors. 


Our workshop offers the possibility to customize our existing collections with bespoke colors, the addition of engravings, or painted elements such as logos, dates, initials... For a unique piece!


  • Cast resin and rotomolding: batch production and unique pieces.
  • Digital additive manufacturing - complex or delicate pieces.
  • Creation of composite multi-material artworks: leather, wood and metal.


  • Infinite color palette according to a specific Pantone.
  • Finishes: lacquered, soft-touch, velvet, chrome, metallic, or special finish for outdoor pieces.