Passionate about Pop Culture, Leblon Delienne interprets its codes and brings our favourite heroes and their imaginary worlds to life by creating figurines, statues, furniture and art objects. Leblon Delienne pushes the limits of creativity and initiates new collaborations with international designers, artists and Pop Culture icons


For almost 40 years, Leblon Delienne sculpture workshop has put its know-how at the service of creation. Each collectible is designed as a true art piece by our sculptors. Offered in limited editions, our creations benefit from exceptional care and quality finishing.

« The boundary between imaginary

worlds and reality disappears »

Sculpture & Molding

The original work is divided into as many pieces as necessary for the series to be produced. Each piece is cast separately, and then undergoes a long finishing process before being assembled to create a new work.

Casting & Sanding

Made either by rotomoulding or by casting resin in molds, the castings are then sandblasted and sanded a first time to erase the sealing surfaces. Then a primer, first coat of paint, is applied to the piece to sand it again with very fine sandpaper. In order to obtain a final work piece of unsurpassed quality with a smooth and pleasant touch, without any irregularity. This time-consuming work constitutes the most significant work step in the production process, as it represents more than 50% of the workpiece development time.

Painting & Finishes

Our pieces are meticulously painted before being assembled by our craftsmen. The large areas are spray painted. Each colour is applied, one after the other, after a concealing for a perfect definition of each colour space, and followed by a spray finish. The finishing details are applied with a brush. The craftsmanship of our painters guarantees the excellence of our creations. The workpieces are lacquered and varnished, for a flawless shine. The different pieces are then carefully assembled to build the character or object of art. A final validation check is made before transfer to engraving.

Label entreprise du patrimoine vivant

Our workshop has received this mark of recognition from the French Government for its craftsmanship in sculpture, the rarity of some of its processes and equipment, the excellence of its creations and their wordwide cultural influence.


Leblon Delienne pushes the boundaries of creativity by initiating unseen collaborations between international designers and artists with Pop Culture icons.


Each license is chosen wisely and is scrupulously interpreted to awaken and animate these characters that fascinate us so much. The artistic creations are also inspired by these characters and are in full harmony with their universe.

Through the artistic representation of cult elements from the pop culture universe, everyone recognizes themselves in this ecosystem, flying from the imaginary to the real. These Leblon Delienne characters and objects naturally take place in our lives, making us forget the boundary between the real and imaginary worlds, to find relevance and meaning.


Our dedicated team is at your disposal to assist and advise you in all your projects: from the selection of pieces from our collections, to the customization and creation of new shapes. Our studio in the workshop accompanies you in your bespoke projects.