Assembly: between precision and dexterity

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The assembly team receives the parts once they are painted and dry. Like a lifesize puzzle, its mission is to assemble the pieces together thanks to the imprint created by our sculptor.


Using an air machine, the craftsmen prepare the surface that will receive the glue. 

To assemble the spare parts, they use a two-component glue where a hardener and a glue are mixed. It is this mixture that seals the pieces together. This technique is especially used for large sculptures and allows for example to assemble the body of Minnie, the balloon of Winnie the Pooh or the head of Snoopy.

For small parts, craftsmen use another, more precise glue.


The mixture dries in thirty minutes, but you have to wait twenty-four hours before placing the piece in its wooden box. During this time, the craftsmen fix ephemeral tapes which will reinforce the glue and ensure a good hold between each part of the sculpture.


Precision and dexterity allow the assembly team to ensure an outstanding quality of finish to transform each Leblon Delienne's creation into an exceptional piece. 

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