Leblon Delienne & Eugeni Quitllet

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Eugeni Quitllet is a Catalan designer born in Ibiza.

After studying art in Barcelona, ​​he started his international career with Philippe Starck.

He describes himself as a “Disoñador”, a Spanish contraction of creator and dreamer. 


Eugeni Quitllet creates bestseller objects between drawings and sculptures, mastering plenitude and void to reveal elegant figures hidden in the material.

According to him, the design must be exceptional, and each object is a challenge, a curious look inside the material to discover what forms can be hidden there.


His creative vocabulary goes beyond the simple relationship between function and style by introducing new objects to the contemporary design scene, always with unwavering enthusiasm.


The "Lucky Moods" family was born with the idea of ​​bringing good vibes into our daily lives. Eugeni Quitllet wanted to translate this positive feeling into innovative forms and adapt them into artworks. 

His characters Lucky, Brave, Love and Joy - inspired by his dog - are lucky charm sculptures, which will become essential life partners for all art and design lovers.

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