Spotlight: Leblon Delienne x Printemps Haussmann

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Logo, colors, signature, but also reorganization of its spaces... In March 2022, Printemps Haussmann began a 360-degree overhaul of its brand identity through a new green, white and gold graphic charter.

The "temple of fashion" wants to once again become a place of meeting and living to make the customer experience more participatory, joyful, immersive and less statutory. The Department Store now wants to take on the role of prescriber and curator, through conferences, workshops, exhibitions...


Our Snoopy Sun, Mickey Sitting or even Mickey Rock blend harmoniously into the new scenography of the Department Store.

Enter an exceptional place, which alone represents all the Parisian elegance and find our various sculptures in the Printemps Haussmann's Home space.


Printemps Haussmann - 64 bd Haussmann - 75009 Paris, FRANCE

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